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  •   Yukihide YT Takiyama Yukihide YT TakiyamaInformation

    About Composer

    Yukihide YT Takiyama is a GUITARIST / BASS PLAYER / COMPOSER who currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

    【Hit Songs】

    [2008] KAT-TUN / Lips (TV ドラマ "1ポンドの福音" 主題歌) (Music / Arrangement)

    [2012] GOSPELS OF JUDAS / Bloody Moon (PS3 "龍が如く5" テーマ曲) (Music)

    [2015] C&K / キミノ言葉デ (Guitar / Bass)

    [2015] 小南泰葉 / Let It Die (Arrangement)

    [2016] KYOSUKE HIMURO / L' EPILOGUE (Guitar / Bass / Programming)


    YT currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. YT attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and studied Music Arrangement and Orchestration. After moving to Los Angeles, YT became a member of “THE BOXING GANDHIS” and released two albums through Atlantic Records. YT participated in a hit band, COLBIE CAILLAT’s first album "Coco".

    YT has been working with legendary Japanese rock artist Kyosuke Himuro since 2010. He arranged and performed as a guitarist on Kyosuke’s album “B”orderless" and on his singles "If You Want" and "Warriors".

    In 2012, YT and Kyosuke created a unit called GOSPELS OF JUDAS, and announced their single, "Bloody Moon". In December of 2013, YT participated for Kyosuke’s countdown Budoukan Koen as a guitarist. In 2014, YT came to Japan as part of Kyosuke’s support member for the 25th Year Anniversary live tour, which was held 50 times all around Japan. During his stay in Japan, YT also announced his first EP called “YT”. He is expanding his career and is known to be one of the most remarkable guitarists.

  •   Yoshinao Mikami Yoshinao MikamiInformation

    Yoshinao Mikami was born and raised in Okayama Prefecture. Yoshinao started playing the piano at the age of nine and the violin at the age of ten. After graduating high school, he enrolled in Berklee College of Music with Ray Santisi as his professor. In 1997, he returned back to Japan performing as a pianist, organist, and an analog keyboardist. He is now recording, arranging, and providing music to the public.

    【Hit Songs】

    [2006] KAT-TUN / Precious One (Album "Best of KAT-TUN") Covered by Sun Boy'z (Hong Kong) (Music)

    [2007] KAT-TUN / Crazy Love (Single "Keep the Faith") (Music)

    [2008] DOHZI-T / Ainiikou (Album"12 Love Stories") (Music)

    [2008] KAT-TUN / MOTHER / FATHER (Music)

    [2008] KAT-TUN / SHOT! (Album"KAT-TUN III -QUEEN OF PIRATES-") (Music)

    [2010] KAT-TUN / Answer (Single "Going!") (Music)