When It's Love

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  •  Tomoisa Otake Tomoisa OtakeInformation

    Tomoisa Otake (Composer/Arranger/Guitar Player)

    He started playing the guitar at the age of 14 and moved to America after graduating high school. He performed live and recorded songs with his local band in North Carolina. He later enrolled into Boston’s Berklee College of Music with Tomo Fujita as his instructor. After returning back to Japan, he has been involved in music production and live concerts.

    【Hit Song】

    [2009] SS501 / Believe in Love (Music)

    [2014] ARASHI / Keep On Tryin' (Lyrics / Music)

  •  Gin Kitagawa Gin KitagawaInformation

    Gin Kitagawa is Japan's top quality arranger, lyricist and composer. He has been involved in many projects with Arashi, obtaining numerous hit songs.

    【Hit Songs】

    [2006] ARASHI / Silver Ring (Music)

    [2006] ARASHI / Love so sweet (Lyrics)

    [2013] ARASHI / Monokulo (Music)

    [2014] Kyousuke Himuro / One Life (Lyrics)

    [2014] ARASHI / Keep On Tryin' (Lyrics / Music / Arrangement)

    [2015] 春奈るな / Sweet Fantasy (Arrangement)

    [2015] 小南泰葉 / 僕を救済するうた (Arrangement)

    [2015] 小南泰葉 / 傷 (Arrangement)

    [2015] 小南泰葉 / 次の日のうた (Arrangement)


    Lyricist / Composer / Arranger / Bass
    Gin was born as the second son whose parents were both classical musicians. At the age of 9, he learned to play the trumpet. He learned the bass at the age of 13 and the guitar at 15. When he was 18, he studied abroad at Berklee College of Music. After returning back to Japan, he participated in live concerts and recordings as a bassist, vocalist and guitarist.

    As a lyricist, Gin has also written a lot of hit songs to many artists. In August 2014, he released his first EP called “Longest Way Home” and started his career as a solo artist.