Bounce feat. Hatsune Miku

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  •  Tomokazu Miura Tomokazu MiuraInformation

    Born on May 30th in Iwate Prefecture, Tomokazu started playing the guitar in high school. As he was in college, he was greatly influenced by the music of Blues and Jazz. He then started recording and arranging songs, creating a new sound. Recording as well as participating in live concerts, he is currently a lyricist and a composer.

    【Hit Songs】

    [2015] AOA / Like a Cat (Lyrics)

    [2015] CNBLUE / Radio (Arrangement)

    [2015] CNBLUE / White (Arrangement)

    [2015] CNBLUE / Supernova (Arrangement)

    [2015] CNBLUE / Holiday (Arrangement)

    [2015] C&K / キミノ言葉デ (Arrangement)

    [2015] 小南泰葉 / Let It Die (Lyrics)

    [2015] Arashi / I Say (Lyrics)

    [2015] 小南泰葉 / プレゼント (Arrangement)

    [2015] 小南泰葉 / ブリリアントブルー (Arrangement)

    [2015] 春奈るな / ユキノミチ (Arrangement)

    [2016] Arashi / Are you ready now? (Lyrics)

    [2016] KYOSUKE HIMURO / L' EPILOGUE (Programming / Synthesizer)

  •  Hiroshi Okazaki Hiroshi OkazakiInformation

    (Lyricist / Composer)
    As the high school examination approached, Hiroshi found an abandoned bass near his house, which triggered a strong interest towards musical instruments. His future has been greatly influenced ever since the discovery of the bass. After graduating college, he became a composer, arranger, programmer and a mixer for several music companies. In 2011, he worked as composer and is now his profession.

    【Hit Songs】

    [2011] KAT-TUN / Baby B Mine (Arrangement)

    [2014] チームしゃちほこ / アイドンケア (Lyrics / Music / Arrangement)

    [2015] 春奈るな / ユキノミチ (Music)