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  •  Gyo Kitagawa Gyo KitagawaInformation

    Gyo Kitagawa is one of Japan's best lyricist, arranger and composer. He has been involved in numerous music productions.

    【Hit Songs】

    [2006] ARASHI / Harukaze Sneaker (Lyrics)

    [2007] ARASHI / Di-Li-Li (Lyrics / Music)

    [2013] 9nine / I am... (Music)

    [2014] チームしゃちほこ / アイドンケア (Lyrics / Music / Arrangement)

    [2016] チームしゃちほこ / パレードは夜空を翔ける (Arrangement)


    Born and raised in Saitama Prefecture, Gyo started playing the guitar at the age of fourteen. In high school, he spent his time in band activities. In 1995, he studied abroad at Berklee College of Music. As he returned back to Japan, he participated in various live concerts and recording sessions. Today he is working as a lyricist and a composer while arranging songs.