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  •  Tomokazu Miura Tomokazu MiuraInformation

    Born on May 30th in Iwate Prefecture, Tomokazu started playing the guitar in high school. As he was in college, he was greatly influenced by the music of Blues and Jazz. He then started recording and arranging songs, creating a new sound. Recording as well as participating in live concerts, he is currently a lyricist and a composer.

    【Hit Songs】

    [2015] AOA / Like a Cat (Lyrics)

    [2015] CNBLUE / Radio (Arrangement)

    [2015] CNBLUE / White (Arrangement)

    [2015] CNBLUE / Supernova (Arrangement)

    [2015] CNBLUE / Holiday (Arrangement)

    [2015] C&K / キミノ言葉デ (Arrangement)

    [2015] 小南泰葉 / Let It Die (Lyrics)

    [2015] Arashi / I Say (Lyrics)

    [2015] 小南泰葉 / プレゼント (Arrangement)

    [2015] 小南泰葉 / ブリリアントブルー (Arrangement)

    [2015] 春奈るな / ユキノミチ (Arrangement)

    [2016] Arashi / Are you ready now? (Lyrics)

    [2016] KYOSUKE HIMURO / L' EPILOGUE (Programming / Synthesizer)

  •  Lil Sokz Lil SokzInformation

    Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Lil Sokz first started composing his music in middle school. He focused on remixing songs, which attracted a diverse group of listeners. Lil Sokz spent 4 years in Massachusetts, studying music at Wheaton College.

    His music has been featured in several Volvo car shows held in Taiwan. Lil Sokz's fan base keeps growing everyday, and he is truly becoming an Internet sensation through his catchy music. Today Lil Sokz continues to express himself through the fusion of alternative pop and rap music. He released his first EP called “Newborn Star” on July 23rd 2014.

  •  Gyo Kitagawa Gyo KitagawaInformation

    Gyo Kitagawa is one of Japan's best lyricist, arranger and composer. He has been involved in numerous music productions.

    【Hit Songs】

    [2006] ARASHI / Harukaze Sneaker (Lyrics)

    [2007] ARASHI / Di-Li-Li (Lyrics / Music)

    [2013] 9nine / I am... (Music)

    [2014] チームしゃちほこ / アイドンケア (Lyrics / Music / Arrangement)

    [2016] チームしゃちほこ / パレードは夜空を翔ける (Arrangement)


    Born and raised in Saitama Prefecture, Gyo started playing the guitar at the age of fourteen. In high school, he spent his time in band activities. In 1995, he studied abroad at Berklee College of Music. As he returned back to Japan, he participated in various live concerts and recording sessions. Today he is working as a lyricist and a composer while arranging songs.