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  •   Yoshinao Mikami Yoshinao MikamiInformation

    Yoshinao Mikami was born and raised in Okayama Prefecture. Yoshinao started playing the piano at the age of nine and the violin at the age of ten. After graduating high school, he enrolled in Berklee College of Music with Ray Santisi as his professor. In 1997, he returned back to Japan performing as a pianist, organist, and an analog keyboardist. He is now recording, arranging, and providing music to the public.

    【Hit Songs】

    [2006] KAT-TUN / Precious One (Album "Best of KAT-TUN") Covered by Sun Boy'z (Hong Kong) (Music)

    [2007] KAT-TUN / Crazy Love (Single "Keep the Faith") (Music)

    [2008] DOHZI-T / Ainiikou (Album"12 Love Stories") (Music)

    [2008] KAT-TUN / MOTHER / FATHER (Music)

    [2008] KAT-TUN / SHOT! (Album"KAT-TUN III -QUEEN OF PIRATES-") (Music)

    [2010] KAT-TUN / Answer (Single "Going!") (Music)